McClure Group Business Strategies, LLC is a small, privately owned and operated consulting company specialized in providing a wide range of total solutions professional consulting services. We personalize and customize our business development services to meet the needs of each client.

Founded on highly accomplished professional experience

Founded on highly accomplished professional experience, strong leadership and motivational skills, McClure Group consistently produces success driven revenue growth through increased situational awareness of potential business opportunities, establishing new partnerships that create lasting benefits to our community and our environment.

Our company founder, Joe T. McClure, has built this business on the following guiding principles: honesty and integrity; personalized commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; and a dedication toward professional growth. These principles, along with our competitive pricing, are the driving forces behind our success and will continue to be the unwavering priorities of our future.

Our uncompromising commitment

Our uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of personal and professional integrity defines us, and is reflected on a daily basis. Skilled at maintaining positive business relationships while working to resolve problems, our consulting team focuses on increasing efficiency through resourceful, professional and analytical skills. This skill base is founded on our ability to quickly identify and meet challenges, exceed expectations, and obtain business solutions during fast-paced stressful situations.

Our service cycle

Our total solutions professional consulting services

Our total solutions professional consulting services include Business Development, Contract Support Services, Organizational Development, Financial Management, and Instructional Systems Design. Within these core competency areas, we provide cost effective cohesive and comprehensive professional services that are consistent throughout all phases of successful business development and management. We are dedicated to customizing our consulting services to meet and exceed you business needs. Our consulting group actively supports Federal, State, and Local Government procurement initiatives to create, enhance, support, and sustain your business relationships.<

Our technical depth, breadth and experience

Our professional team combines technical depth, breadth and experience with adaptability, efficiency, and personalized customer service that only a smaller firm can offer. We continuously meet and exceed our clients' professional and organizational needs by anticipating your business needs and applying a proactive strategic business development approach.

We are as passionate about your professional growth and sustainment as you are. Whether researching and analyzing potential business opportunities or administering and managing your daily organizational needs, McClure Group consistently performs beyond expectations for our clients, and partners.